Friday, July 30, 2010


Lots of new things this week. I have a new companion, Sister Banks, and she is great. She comes from Arizona and has 10 other siblings, 7 of which are adopted! We got a brand new car, so of course what's the first thing I do?... spill :) I'm still me! I may be a missionary, but the clumsy moments, I believe, have only increased. We are also moving to a new apartment in a few weeks, so are starting to pack up... Let me tell you, after 10 years of missionaries living in one apartment, you collect a lot of stuff. Random stuff. But it should be good.

Something super exciting happened this weekend. The Young Single Adults were having a Luau and a couple of our investigators were going so we attended. While I was there I saw one of my good friends John Doe from BYUI!!! It was so good to see him and catch up. It was a little surreal. I can't believe I have already been out a semesters worth of time. Time just flies. So I just wanted to shout out to all my friends: I miss you, keep in touch and I love you all!

So this week has been the best for setting baptismal dates!! Oliver, who we have been praying for to get a confirmation to be rebaptized, has finally received his confirmation!!! And he knows without a doubt this is God's church and he wants to join. I'm elated for him; it will be the best day. Another amazing experience happened while setting a date for Chris. He told us 3 weeks ago that he wanted to be baptized, but has been flaky in actually setting a date. He was trying to decide if it should be before or after his vacation to Jamacia. We took him to a fireside where the lesson was perfect. It was all about receiving revelation. We committed him to choose a date and pray to know if its right. He said he would, but 2 days later when we met with him he still hadn't. We told him right then that we should get on our knees and you pray to know when you should be baptized. It was the most amazing prayer. He didn't say very much; the prayer was about 7 minutes long with 5 of those minutes being silence. When he concluded the prayer, he said August 28th!!! Later, me and Sister Banks were talking, and I said how there was a specific moment during the prayer where the Spirit was so strong. I felt peace and I knew he had just received his answer. Sister Banks was shocked because she had gotten the exact same feeling during the prayer. It's amazing how the Spirit will always testify of truth. I love it and I am so excited for him to continue preparing for baptism. It was a really great week and there is much more coming up. I can't wait! It's already been a great transfer.

Sister Garbrick


So i got the call today, Sister Banks is joining me for the new transfer. I met her briefly at last weeks Sisters Conference. I'm super excited! The next transfer is going to be great. We have 2 on date and one just nearly there!! But the past week has been very different. Haha. My trainer is going home, so there have been a lot of different activities for it.

We saw a couple of her family members. Her brother Rehn, his wife and four boys came out to visit her family in Maryland and stopped by Virginia and took us with them to the Air and Space museum. So fun. It was so strange to be with a family, since we have been with solely singles the past 3 months. Haha. It was funny, there was an intense game of slug bug going on in the back seat and it reminded me of past family vacations. We also had lunch with her Uncle Lincoln who is actually her great Uncle. I think he is great. He actually lives in Arlington and met us in Shirlington for the most amazing lunch!! It was delicious. Fun family times. He worked in the senate for a long time and had great info about the area.

We also attended her departing fireside where all the leaving missionaries contact their past converts and investigators to see them before they leave. All the missionaries give their final testimonies. It was a bit depressing for someone like me who is really young in the mission, but they also had very good advice. It was great to see how much their converts love them and never have forgotten them. It was special.

Our investigators are all doing so well! We took Oliver to the visitor center and it was the best experience. He is from the Ivory Coast and originally spoke French. There happened to be a Sister from France who gave us a tour and put the program at the Christis in French for him to listen to. It was the best. The spirit was strong. He loved the temple and took tons of pictures. There was no doubt that was God's house. It was funny. We were looking at the pictures of the inside and there was a picture of the sealing room. I told him that's where couples get married and he said that's where I need to be. Then I told him that's where he needs to be... He shook his head and laughed. He is stilling praying about being rebaptized, but I feel the answer will soon come. Will everyone please pray for him to get his answer? I know it will come.

Sister Garbrick

Lakeeta's Baptism

Lakeeta got baptized on Saturday and it was the greatest!!!!! We had been prepping her all week about what time her baptism is and the importance of her being on time... but of course Lakeeta wouldn't be Lakeeta without being 20 minutes late to her own baptism. Lucky for her, it couldn't start without her. She was so funny and so nervous about what to do and getting her hair wet. Once the program started the spirit was immediately present, which was especially great because we had 2 other investigators there plus 2 other sets of missionaries brought their investigators too. Elder Holmstead, our zone leader, baptized her. The baptism was great; she came up smiling and laughing. Baptisms are the greatest. I just love the feeling of the Lord's love and happiness when someone makes that covenant, it seems so tangible.

The rest of the week has been eventful too, a lot of our investigators are really progressing. We have 3 that come to everything, church, institute, FHE and even are all volunteering to help clean the church building on Saturday. Chris and Charles are both scheduled to be baptized August 14th and Oliver is still praying for an answer to be baptized again. I just know it will happen in its own good time. This past week the mission has really stressed the importance of teaching the intro to the Book of Mormon. It is so important to really have our investigators understand Moroni's promise in chapter 10. We have taught this promise to all our investigators and the blessings are so apparent. Answers always come.

We had a few fun things that happen this week. Since we have so many African members in our congregation, our ward mission leader held an African party. There was real African food served and African trivia. It was the greatest!! The food was good spicy rice, lamb, fish and yams. It was really good. We also had a Sisters Conference at the Mission Home. It was fun, very girly and pink. Me and Sister Le Sueur were in charge of the game, so we played the missionary version of the newly-wed game. We called it "Whose Companion Are You? It was funny. We had questions like "What is one word that describes your companion in the morning?" "What is your companions most used approach?" "Who was the last person they received a letter from?" It was a fun way to meet the sisters. I have finally met all of them, so I am no longer the "New One." Yay. I'm so excited for transfers next week. It's going to be interesting; I wonder who will be my new companion? Only time will tell...

I almost forgot! We saved another animal! I don't know what it is about this place, but we've become animal rescuers. Haha. Gabi was meeting us at our apartment to play tennis for our workout time. (By the way its my new favorite thing. I'm pretty sure when I get back from the mission, I'm going to be the next Anna Korniconia, so just a heads up). Anyway, Gabi found a huge turtle in the middle of the road, so of course we had to save it and release it into the wildness. We named it Rosie and we kept it in one of our pots while we did our studies in the morning than released it in the afternoon. Good times and a great week :)

Sister Garbrick

4th of July

4th of July was crazy busy. Everywhere was packed with patriotic visitors. It was the best! We street contacted everywhere. We didn't see any fireworks that night, but on the 3rd the singles ward invited us over to the ward BBQ. Before we left, they insisted that they shoot the fireworks off for us, even though it wasn't quite dark enough. They were so kind, he said there wasn't many things he could do to serve us but this was one way so he did. It was great.We also made a patriotic cake, it was red velvet cake with white cream cheese frosting and blue candles on top spelling a 4. It was the only blue thing we had! Oh yeah! Our funny moment of the holiday: We ran into a Jehovah Witness missionary and me and Sister Le Sueur were both wearing blue trying to be patriotic. She asked if we always have to wear blue and I said that we didn't have to, but we were just celebrating 4th of July. She rolled her eyes... then it dawned on me that they don't celebrate holidays! Haha. Yep, just another reason why they don't agree with us. She probably found us a bit ridiculous. Ha ha. Oh well, she was nice and we had a great discussion.

So the heat this week is breaking records. I have never experienced such heat... I changed my mind about the humidity. It really is as bad as they say. You walk outside and it hits you like a wall. You look at the sky and there is a literal haze in the air. It all looks blurry. There is no such thing as looking good, everyone just sweats and accepts it. Water becomes your best friend. We freeze at least three water bottles a night to last us the next day. Its so strange, here you can feel the building of heat. A week will get increasingly hotter till its the hottest and most exhausting, then the next day comes and you feel the clouds are different and the storm is on its way. The clouds get dark and heavy, then late in the afternoon BUCKETS of water, a literal down poring, occurs. There is no cover and you become soaked. Then everything is cool again for the rest of the day and a few following and then the build up of heat begins again!! Its the strangest cycle, but at least it's predictable.

Most amazing miracle: This Sunday the lesson in Gospel Principles was on baptism. I was pretty nervous since we had just had some pretty intense discussions and lessons about baptism with some of our investigators and we thought that a lesson just following that would be a bit of over kill, but really it was the best. We were able to answer a lot of their questions that they had from the lesson we had given previously and one of our investigators invited himself to baptism!!! He asked us when he could be baptized!!! Music to my ears. Chris will be getting baptized two weeks from this Saturday, the last weekend of Sister Le Sueur's mission. She is ecstatic, and so am I. We also have Lakeeta's baptism this week. I am super excited! She's my first actual my teachee getting baptized. It will change her life and her kids life. I cant wait! Pictures to come next week :)

Love Sister Garbrick

Watermelon, Watermelon

This week has been a week full of fantastic investigators. I love them all!! I'll start out with Chris. He is a referral from a recent convert, Daniel. He is the greatest and had already attended family home evening, institute and church on Sunday before our first lesson. We began teaching him, and both me and Sister Le Sueur would agree, that it wasn't us that was leading the lesson at all, but the Spirit. It inspired us to teach about families and prayer. Daniel bore his most humble testimony of when he prayed to know the church and the book of Mormon are true and the undeniable confirmation that he received. At the end of our lesson, Chris offered his own sincere prayer and the Spirit was so strong. We asked him what he was feeling, and he said, "The Spirit. I like it. When can we meet again?" That is the best thing a missionary can hear other than "I want to be baptized." Haha. I can't wait to teach Chris again, but more importantly for him to pray on his own to get the confirmation for himself, because I know he will. There is no doubt in my mind. I love the spirit.

This weekend was fun, we are teaching 2 Africans, one is from the Ivory Coast and the other is from Ghana. And unfortunately for us, our appointments for both of them were scheduled during the soccer game of Ghana against the USA in the World Cup... No Bueno haha. One canceled and when we showed for the other, his apartment was filled with friends and family rooting for Ghana, cheering and eating food. I loved it. It reminded me of home! I wish could have joined, but it was great to see their family united. Such good times. So we rescheduled and will teach him this week.

We also had a great YSA Activity that we went to this Saturday. It was huge! It was 4 singles wards together. So basically it was all of northern Virginia. They were having a BBQ at a park with a large pavilion with music playing and soccer and softball games going. There were 4 other sets of missionaries. It was great. We were able to meet each others investigators and I was able to meet new missionaries. I had never seen them before, so that was nice. We had two of our investigators come and one felt so comfortable that he began to break dance and got a dance started. It was fun. I love serving in a singles ward. We have the best activities to go to.

My favorite investigator story comes from the sweetest Korean old lady I've ever met. We met her tracting and decided to stop by last week to drop off a Book of Mormon. We saw her look through her peep hole, but she didn't answer. So we tried again this week and she let us right in. She apologized for not letting us in last time, but she was drunk and felt it was inappropriate. This week she was particularly lonely and just needed to talk, so we let her talk, but she also wanted to serve us. And she did all right! She feed us the most watermelon I have ever eaten. She pulled out this giant watermelon that her nephew had given her. Since she lives by herself she couldn't finish it on her own, so she literally cut up half the watermelon into triangles and put it on a plate and told us to eat. So me and Sister Le Sueur began to eat. About 2 slices in, I was beginning to be full. Susan noticed I was wiping my hands, appearing to be done and so she urged me to continue eating. It was at this moment I realized she intended for us to finish her watermelon. I was able to sneak a look to Sister Le Sueur. She just smiled and took a bite of watermelon. So we finished our visit and the watermelon. We left so full !!! I don't believe I will ever eat that much watermelon again, or least not till our next visit with Susan.

Sister Garbrick

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This week was great! We had a lot of great lessons and had 4 investigators at church; its the best! We got a surprise contact by contacting at the metro in the morning. We invited him to church, got him a ride and he came! I love when people follow through!! We have a lot of people cancel or aren't home when we planned, so its a battle. When one pulls through, its such a tender mercy!

This week we also went on exchanges with some sisters that live close by. One was sick, so I went out with Sister Aulava to check on some people in her area. It was nice to see a different place. Her area is a lot smaller than mine, but it didn't matter. There were so many new faces and we actually saw the elders they share the area with. It was nice to visit with her. She has only been out 2 transfers more than me, so we were able to relate to how much we have learned, how much we still have to learn, but also how happy and new it all is.

Fathers day was the best; I got finally go to the temple! It really was the best way to remember my dad. He grew up watching the DC temple being built and later working security there. I grew up hearing all about the temple, how beautiful it was, and how my dad had painted the lines in the visitor's center parking lot for his eagle scout project. So everything I saw I was oohing and ahhing. It was the perfect night too. The sunset was gorgeous with orange, and pinks and purples.

I can't write this week without mentioning how today is a special day of remembrance of a dear friend. I can't believe it has been a year. As a member of the church I grew up understanding the plan of salvation, at least I thought I did. It wasn't until I taught it as a missionary that I realized the real joy and happiness that can come from it. Watching someone realize that there is a better way, that there is something different, a more loving plan, and a way to see loved ones again is incredible. Seeing it in their eyes has made me so grateful for the plan he has given us and how much he really loves each of us.

Love Sister Garbrick


Yes it is correct, Nylons are out! At least till mid September, but I'll take it. All this came about because we had a mission conference with Elder and Sister Hinckley. Yes, the son of the former President, Gordon B. Hinckley. It was the best. The spirit was so strong and there were times while listening to Elder Hinckley, especially when bearing his testimony, that he sounded just like his dad. They informed us of a lot of new changes that are going to be happening. There is a new site and new ads around the world. They have implemented cells phones and are even piloting texting with our mission. We're one of three missions they are testing it with. They also mentioned the idea of using Facebook!! Can you believe it? Facebook?! I'm not sure how that will work, but they are really putting a lot of trust in us. President Albright says its only because were obedient and need to continue.

Anyways the best changes came from Sister Hinckley. The news came, straight from Salt Lake, that the dress code is changing!!!! Color and pattern are for sure in, Nylons are out, suit jackets are out, knee length skirts are IN!!!! Say goodbye to all the frumpy mid-calf skirts. Apparently the church for the past 18 months has been doing intense research to learn how missionaries can be more approachable and normal. The results came in, and it looks like the more updated look has been approved. Yay! I'm so excited! I came at the perfect time and the Lord knows.

So this week was wonderful, we finally saw Manny again. He was the one who went into detox for his drinking problem but he has called us nearly everyday since to talk about the Book of Mormon and plan of salvation. We saw him and taught him and set a date of baptism. Yay! We also taught the golden investigator, Oliver. He is from the Ivory Coast and he is amazing. We taught him the 1st lesson and didn't see a real impact until the next time we showed him the restoration video. He felt the spirit so strong, believes it true and wanted to learn more. He came to church and loved it, he is so dedicated now reading, praying and coming to activities. He also has 3 other single brothers! Jackpot for the singles ward missionaries! Haha. Preach My Gospel says to teach families and we sure are. It's great because normally we have to pass all families to family ward, but this one we get to keep. I love it.

Sister Garbrick


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